At the Urbana Country Club, we have given meticulous thought to every detail in order to provide the environment necessary to make success a reality for our members. The Club’s driving principles are honed and crafted by our owner, Mr. Shad Khan, an individual who has achieved the ultimate business success. And in both business and leisure, the Club continually reflects his attention to detail and discerning taste.

“My professional achievement has been a result of hard work, partnering with the right people, knowing when to push the envelope and, most importantly, recognizing when it is time to recharge. Although business occasionally takes me away from my home and family, UCC has always been there as a refuge for us. I am privileged to be able to provide the same cherished retreat to our current and future business leaders and their families. It is my profound goal that the Club exists for them as a sanctuary of success and leisure, the same environment that has helped me get to where I am today.”

   - Shad Khan, Owner

The Urbana Country Club is perfectly equipped to assist any company or business in providing a premium experience for its clients, partners, prospects and employees. The same energy that Mr. Khan brings to his business permeates every corner of UCC, creating the perfect atmosphere for our members to generate personal and professional achievement.
At UCC, we know that our community, the strength and connectedness of all our members, is what creates the environment for continued success. Most of all, we recognize the need for comfort in conducting any type of business. Whether you’d prefer your boardroom feature a lush expanse of grass and 18 holes, a nice meal on our patio, or a private room and a grand wood table, at UCC you’ll be doing business surrounded by others who are striving for success and in a place that always feels like home.

Our Facility

UCC was designed to host a multitude of different business events based on your desired outcome. Whether you need to hold a small client meeting of 12 or a board meeting of 40 in the Jaguars Room, a private dinner of six in the Kismet Room, a client appreciation golf outing or an employee appreciation banquet for 150 in the ballroom, UCC can provide the exact environment needed for a successful event. With a new $5.5 million renovation to the Clubhouse in 2015 and new lodging concepts scheduled for 2019, we are able to provide a modern-day business experience in a comfortable, yet formal atmosphere. Call our office at (217) 344 8670 to find out how UCC can enhance your business success.